Friday, April 15, 2016

Godly wisdom

Godly wisdom leads to insight, understanding, abundant life, and a fear of God.  These things give us direction when we follow God's ways.  These certain characteristics are a result of living a godly life.
The fearing God aspect of godly wisdom is an important aspect of godly wisdom.  When we fear God we revere him as Lord of our life.  This means we honor him when making our decisions.  In this, we ask for his direction in all that we do.  In putting God first in fearing God we are seeking God's ways not ours.
Insight and understanding are a by-product of godly wisdom.  When we seek God's ways, then he gives us insight and understanding for a certain decision.  Seeking Godly wisdom leads to a life of understanding where God wants us in life.  God gives us insight to where he wants us to go.  Lastly, he gives us understanding about this decision for our life.
Lastly, overall God gives us abundant life when we rely on Godly wisdom.  This abundant life includes insight, understanding, humility, grace, and abundant life.  John 10:10, says "the theif comes to kill and destroy but I have come to give you life and life abundant." Jesus' desires is for us to rely on his ways not our ways.  Godly wisdom gives us guidance and direction in life.
What decision in life do you need to rely on Godly wisdom? What other sources of wisdom are you seeking?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Romans 8:28-29- suffering for his glory

God has used hard circumstances in my life to conform me to his image.  Through these trying times he has molded me to the person he wanted me to be.  These times have helped me mature in my walk with Jesus Christ.
God used my driving struggles in high school to conform me to his image.  He used that time of suffering in my life for his glory.  Through that time, God pushed me closer to him.  God was still faithful even through those struggles.  God still worked in my life in a really hard time in my life.
God also used frustrating circumstances after I graduated from college to lead me to D-focus and shortly after that lead me to seminary.  D-focus helped me see how much I needed to depend and abide in Christ in all circumstances.  I grew in my walk with God in all aspects of my life.  God changed my circumstances from this YL year long internship to do D-focus.  D-focus helped change my outlook in my walk with God.
Also, after college God led me from doing Broadcast Journalism to seminary.  God showed me that he will use me to accomplish something bigger than myself.  He also helped me realize that I have gifts and talents that he wants to use for his glory.  He reminded me that despite my struggles his grace is sufficient for me.  He gave me the verse Ephesians 3:20 to help me realize that only God can do great things in me and not myself.
Lastly, it is important to remember that God will use things in our lives to conform us to his image.  God is bigger than we ask or imagine.  We have to trust in his plans for our life.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gay marriage as a right

This post will not be posted online in any format because there are some that disagree with me.  I do not think gay marriage is a right for many reasons.  The first one being that if we say gay marriage is a right then that leads to polygamy/polyamory and bestiality as a right.  The second reason is the marriage is supposed to be a sacred covenant between a man and a woman.  
First, when we say that gay marriage is some kind of right this distorts the idea of what is a right.  The judges in the Supreme Court case made gay marriage a right out of nowhere.  This distortion leads some to say polygamy/polyamory is a right and bestiality.  Polygamy is having more than one wife and polyamory is similar but in an exclusive nature.  Bestiality is having sex with animals.
Second,  the Bible exclusively condemns homosexuality and in turn God would in turn be against homosexuality.  God ordained marriage to be a man and woman relationship to honor and glorify God.  In marriage, we are to love and serve one another like Christ loved us.  Gay marriage does not reflect Jesus or his church.  Gay marriage as a right would be honor God.
Now, let us speak the truth in love in this world that does not agree with us and fight the good fight for biblical truth.  God is on his throne and will judge the living and the dead.  We as Christians have to be ready love others and help people see how Jesus can set them free.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


The Resurrection gives us a basis for our faith.  It gives us a foundation for our faith in Jesus Christ.   Without the resurrection, there would be no point of our faith in Jesus Christ.
Jesus rose for the grave to give us life in him.  He makes us alive in through our new life in him (Ephesians 2).  Our Jesus guides us through life's paths and leads us where we need to go.  He is our source and life when we need nourishment and rest.   Jesus gives us joy and lights our way  in times of sorrow.
Jesus has guides me every step of the way in my life.  I just need to trust that God is in control.  God's plan is bigger than my plan and his way is bigger than my ways.  If I trust him,  then he will show me the way.  God has a purpose for everything in my life.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Glorifying God

Another important quality we need to have in Sabbath or work is to glorify God.  God requires us to glorify him because of his holiness and greatness.  Because of how great and mighty he is, we are to show his glory at all times.
Our whole lives should reflect the glory and nature of Jesus Christ.  In Exodus 25-32 God instructs Moses on the building of the tabernacle.  Throughout the building everything is designed to honor and glorify God.  Everyone involved the building of the tabernacle is given a job to do in the process.  They are to do glorify God in the building of the tabernacle.
The tabernacle is designed to bring glory and praise to God.  Everything is put together so that it would honor and praise God.  There was incense put in place, offerings to God, consecration of the priests, free will offerings, Sundry laws put in place, more institution of Sabbath laws.  These things were done step by step all to bring glory to God.  God had a purpose for the tabernacle, all the things in it, and in the building of it.
Lastly, Paul discusses the process of glorifying God as an everyday process.  This should be done with our actions and thoughts.  Paul describes this process in 1 Corinthians 10:31, "Whatever then, what you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."  Our whole life should be a clear representation of God in us.  Non- Christians should see something different in us.
When we give glory to God, people will ask us what is different about us.  They will see a life change in us and want to know more about who God is.  Also, they will want to know what Christ has done for us.  One of the traits of this is showing radical love toward others.  Lastly, we need to accept others that may be different than us.
How can you give God glory today? What areas of your life can you glorify God today?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rest Sabbath: glorifying God

Purpose: The purpose of glorifying God in our Sabbath is remembering God's greatness.  Also, it is a recognition of who God is and his power and glory.  When we glorify God in our rest, then he is also glorified.
Verses: Psalm 96:1-9, 1 Chronicles 16:23-29,  Isaiah 42:12, John 42;13, Revelations 15:4, Ezekiel 28: 22-23, 1 Corinthians 10:31, 1 Corinthians 6:20,  Matthew 5:16,  Dan. 4:34-37.
Application:  Remembering to glorify God in all that we do gives us focus on him.  In this, we are reminded of our daily dependence on God for everything.
Conclusion: Glorifying God should be everything we do whether it is in rest or work.  Our whole life should be about glorifying God and showing his love to others.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sabbath rest: God's greatness

Purpose: The main purpose of resting in God's greatness is remembering that our problems here on earth are nothing compared to the greatness of God.  God is bigger than the things that overwhelm us or overtake us here on earth.   There is a verse in a Isiah that says his ways and thoughts are bigger than us.
Verses: Psalm 19.
Application: Once we rest in God's greatness daily, our problems seem small compared to how great and mighty our God is.  By going to God, he can take away the pain in our lives.  When we remember how big our God is, then we can remind ourselves that God can redeem us from the struggles of this world and fix our mind on the surpassing greatness of God that Paul describes in Corinthians.
Conclusion: Resting in the greatness of God, puts the focus in our struggles on God alone (the master of all circumstances), and not the one true provider, God almighty.