Sunday, April 15, 2018

The second concept we learn in I can Only Imagine.

Another important concept we learn in the movie I Can Only Imagine is forgiveness.  This is one of the most important things we can do as a Christian in life.  Jesus died on the cross and forgave us of our sins. 
The leader singer of Mercy Me who was struggling throughout the middle of the movie with forgiving his dad from abusing him in the past.  He was mad at him throughout the movie and harbored this anger and guilt toward him.  It almost felt like he hated his dad.  It took him a while to forgive his dad of his dad's past sins.  He did not really forgive his dad until he remembered what Jesus did for him on the cross. 
During the last half of the movie, the leader singer saw his dad's sickness and his dad was slowly following God.  The lead singer then remembered who Jesus was in his life and the camp experience from the past and how we are supposed to forgive those that wrong us because of what Jesus did on the cross.   He remembered this moment then was able to finally forgive his dad.  At the end of the movie, he forgive his dad and started a new life with him.  He brought his dad to church and his dad's heart changed to the dad he wanted all along. 
Lastly,  it was eye opening to see when he asked his dad for forgiveness and healing his dad changed so dramatically.  His dad encouraged him to follow his dreams.  After that time,  the lead singer started writing and Mercy Me exploded.  This is when his hit song "I Can Only "Imagine" song was released.    This was the first real Christian band that I listened to. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I Can Only Imagine

I will do a short two week series on the movie I Can Only Imagine.  Today I will discuss the first thing the movie showed me.  It is something pertaining to my life. 
The first concept the movie showed me was to chase my dreams.  It deals with the lead singer's dad wanting the lead singer to follow in his foot steps and play football.  The dad abuses the lead singer throughout the early part of his life.  The dad tells the son to follow his dreams to get enough to make a living.  When he was in a play in high school and pursuing music, his dad was not interested in what he was doing.  His dad pushes him away because he was following his dreams like his dad said.
Then later in the movie when the dad comes to Christ and they reconcile, this pushes him to follow his dreams.  The lead singer writes the now famous song "I can Only Imagine."  At the end of the movie his dad pushes him to lead into his passion of his music career and follow his dreams.  It reminds me of my life and how I cannot give up my dreams to serve God.  God wants me to keep pursuing my dreams and passions because he has a plan for my life.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Abide in him and he will lead us.

I was reading the start of 2 Samuel the past couple days and God reminded me that he calls to simply abide in him and depend on him.  God showed me that when we do abide in him and depend on him, he provides for us in his timing.  Even during the whole time that David was being hunted by Saul,  he still was abiding and depending on God.  David had to go through running through a cave then staying with the Philistines that he formerly hunted before he could become king.  In the same way, God has been showing me that he wants to increase my dependence on him more and more. He will lead me to the job that is the best fit for him in his timing.  Also, God wants me to abide in his Son, Jesus Christ for everything in my life and listen to his Spirit daily.  Our relationship with God is a growing process.  Philippians 1:6 says, God will keep working in us until the day of Christ Jesus.  This shows that God will keep maturing in me until I do come face to face with his Son, Jesus Christ.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Why is the culture and world against God

Why is the culture and the world so much against God?  Is it because of their perception of who he is? Is it their perception of Christians?  Or is it just an all-out hatred against God? The last question I will discuss in these next few blog posts why do people say when one is sharing the gospel stop talking about religion.  God is not some religion, God is three in one.  God is love.  God is the Trinity.  Following God, his Son, and his Spirit is a way to live life. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trust him more

God has been showing me how much I need to desperately depend on him.  He has been reminding me that he is trust worthy.  We have to trust him with the little things then he will provide the big things.  God desires us to depend on him for his leading and guidance in our life.  When we look to him, he reminds us how much he can provide for us. 
God showed me that I need to daily remind myself of Proverbs 3:5-6.  We have to keep trusting God with all of our heart then he will lead us where he wants to go.  This type of trusting is a daily trusting, where we are surrendering our plans to God for him to lead us where he wants us to go. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Billy Graham's life- what to learn and gain.

Today, I will be discussing what we can learn and gain in our life from Billy Graham.  I will be looking at a few important concepts that he implemented in his life that are important for us as believers in Christ.  I will be detailing how and why these are important for us to live out on a weekly basis in order to grow as Christ followers and keep us centered on Christ.  The main two concepts I will be discussing are Billy Graham's integrity/humbleness, dedication to prayer, and his passion to preach the gospel wherever he went.  It is important that we implement these two concepts in our lives on a daily basis.
First, Billy Graham came from a humble beginning.  He was a simple farm boy from North Carolina.  After he preached, he always deflected the praise to God alone.  Also, I remember hearing stories of how he kept himself pure in his integrity.  He was always above reproach in everything he did.
Second, concept was his dedication to prayer and a his daily walk with God.  I heard a story that he always ended the day and began the day with prayer.  He put his walk with God before anything else in his life.  Another story was that ordered the TV out of his room before he would preach and do revival so he could spend time with the Father in prayer.  He considered prayer and his time with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of upmost importance in his life. 
Lastly, it is important to remember to share the gospel.  Billy Graham just preached the simple message of God's love for us.  All he preached was that God sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins and rose again from the grave.  If we believe in him, we will have eternal life and a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Billy Graham wanted to be remembered that he lived his life for his Savior Jesus Christ alone and was faithful in serving God all of the days of his life. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Pray Passionately

This morning at church Dr. Dean reminded us of how much we need to pray fervently and passionately during the dark times of our life.  He used the story from Luke 22:39-46 when Jesus prayed passionately during a dark time in his life.  When he prayed, sweat dropped from his brows.  This showed how passionately he was praying to the Father during this time.   Dr. Dean also reminded us of how Jesus prayed for his companions/disciples during this time.  In our dark times, we are to have prayer partners who are with us during these times in our life.  In this same respect, Dr. Dean painted a picture of how we need to pray with passion, diligence, fervency, and desire during dark times in our life.  All in all, God revealed to me today that I need to have a passionate dependency on him this coming week for him to lead me in some important areas in my life.  I know that he is in control and he is working in my life.  The main thing is that I need to cry out to him more to lead me to the right job for me.  We are desperately dependent on Jesus for everything we need in life and he is all we need.  God reminded me of how much I need to daily depend and abide in him: John 15:5.